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We often hear of pets going missing over the festive period, below we have given you some pointers to assist in keeping your pets safe and calm.

Tips to help keep your anxious pet calm this fireworks and thunderstorm season:

  • Give Calmeze Plus at least 2 hours before the stressful event - please remember that there is very little that can calm a pet that already has adrenaline and cortisol rushing trough their veins, so it's important to give medications before signs of anxiety is seen

  • Keep pets in a well-lit room

  • Keep all curtains drawn to shelter them from any flashing lights or lightning 

  • Play music loud enough to drown out the sound of the thunder or fireworks

  • Sit with your pets but try to carry on normally. They can sense when you become tense

Additional things to remember 

  • Please remember to place a tag on your pet's collar to ensure you're easily reached if they accidentally escape the yard

  • Microchipping your pet will ensure that you get contacted should your pet end up at a veterinary practice or shelter

  • Please ensure all escape routes are properly closed off and that anxious pets are under constant supervision by someone. 

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