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  • Cool Dogs Blastin Biltong Dog Ice Cream is the ultimate treat for your dog!


    Developed in coordination with a leading South African animal nutritionist, this tasty treat uses only Human Grade, nutritional ingredients to complement your dogs healthy diet.


    5+ servings per tub

    Cool Dogs Blastin’ Biltong Dog Ice Cream 500ml

    • Developed in co-ordination with a leading RSA animal nutritionist
    • Only takes one Minute to prepare, then freeze the ice cream in the COOL DOGS tub with the lid securely fitted for a minimum of 6 hours
    • One 500ml tub has 5+ treat servings
    • Only premium A-Grade ingredients are used
    • Made with goats milk which is high in proteins, vitamins, and probiotics. 
    • Made with Human Grade Beef Biltong – no spices for a high-quality protein source that provides essential amino acids
    • Contains collagen
    • Contains a probiotic 
    • No white or refined sugar added
    • Tub & Lid are Biodegradable
    • Very soothing treat for teething puppies
    • Yummy treat for old dogs who don’t have all their teeth
    • Perfect for dog parties
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